– Agatha Christie, Loyalty to a petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul. – Joyce Maynard’, My honor is my loyalty. Spread by the advance of the British Empire, Freemasonry remains most popular in the British Isles and in other countries originally within the empire. loyal, ale : 1. Freemasonry, the teachings and practices of the secret fraternal order of Free and Accepted Masons, the largest worldwide secret society. Horace Greeley (February 3, 1811 – November 29, 1872) was an American newspaper editor and publisher who was the founder and editor of the New-York Tribune, among the great newspapers of its time.Long active in politics, he served briefly as a … Similar: allegiant (steadfast in devotion (especially to your lawful monarch or government)). A man’s loyalty is tested when he has everything! If I’m asking it from you, then you’re getting it from me. – Ellie Williams. So was love. Loyalty is the ability to put others before yourself and stick with them in good times and bad. Examples of Loyal in a sentence A man’s most loyal companion is his dog because it will always welcome its owner back when the owner takes a vacation. The ability to inspire rather than enforce loyalty is a critical quality of leadership. Loyalty is a two-way street. Prefixes - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary Phrases Speak like a native Useful phrases translated from English into 28 languages. Écris chaque mot. – Romain Gary, Loyalty does not demand proof of loyalty. See Synonyms at faithful. 1. Rate it: (3.50 / 2 votes) jemandem die Stange halten: to remain loyal to someone, to stand by someone: Rate it: (2.00 / 2 votes) true to one's colors: loyal: Rate it: (1.00 / 1 vote) a sense of belonging: Many organizations promote a sense of kinship with loyal, dedicated employees. It is the people standing beside you when no one else is. – James Lee Burke, Loyalty is not the kind of exclusive deal, it’s just a sincere communication and the same values. She has set a shi 212+8 sentence examples: 1. More by bab.la Other dictionary words. Loyalty Quotes, Sayings about being loyal 23 It’s better to be hanged for loyalty than be rewarded for betrayal. For above all things Love means sweetness, and truth, and measure; yea, loyalty to the loved one and to your word. I don't feel loyal to this company any longer. – Norman Mattoon Thomas, Equal laws protecting equal rights…the best guarantee of loyalty and love of country. Exemples de phrases. Honesty is appreciated. It is built on strong qualities, sacrifice, endeavor, loyalty and integrity. Vous cherchez des phrases avec le mot loyauté? 3. SpanishDict is the world's most popular Spanish-English dictionary, translation, and learning website. Real friends stay faithful. Real family does not come from your blood. Phrases. Loyalty means I am down with you whether you are wrong or right, but I will tell you when you are wrong and help you get it right. Pride attracts the girl. – Kim Harrison, One never knows how loyalty is born. Le droit d'auteur couvre donc toute création de l'esprit, qu'elle soit une oeuvre littéraire (livres, journaux, pièces de théâtr… Loyal definition, faithful to one's sovereign, government, or state: a loyal subject. Loyalty is returned. Il lui dit qu'il espérait faire davantage pour son pays et signe « Votre sujet loyal, Roald Amundsen Â». That’s a fact. al (loi′əl) adj. Show loyalty to friends, family, and significant others by … The restaurant has a loyalty program to earn certificates for meals. – Stephenie Meyer, I wonder which will get you killed faster—your loyalty or your stubbornness? When it hurts to look back and you’re scared to look ahead you can just look beside you and your best friend will be there. If you refuse to buy milk from anyone other than Farmer Jones, then you're a very loyal customer. The people who want to stay in your life will always find a way. La loi reconnaît en tant qu'auteur toute personne physique qui crée une oeuvre de l'esprit quelle que soit son genre (littéraire, musical ou artistique), sa forme d'expression (orale ou écrite), son mérite ou sa finalité (but artistique ou utilitaire). A woman’s loyalty is tested when her man has nothing. Avec un nom: Il a eu TELLEMENT/TANT de problèmes qu’il a dû abandonner. Loyalty to one’s affiliations is the core of teamwork. loyal If you are faithful and devoted to someone or something, you're loyal. Context example: loyal friends stood by him. A loyal but critical Ottomanist who had served in parliament as a member from the Hijaz, Faysal was known to be a supporter of the empire. Vous avez bien compris? Don’t let your loyalty become slavery. The French adverb has two parts: ne, which precedes the verb, and pas (or another word or phrase, see below), which follows it. Patriotism is just loyalty to friends, people, families. Someone who is loyal is reliable and always true, like your trusty dog. – Sir Robert Baden- Powell. Loyalty is Royalty. – Orrin Woodward, My loyalty and friendship has no bounds, no matter where life takes us you’ll always have my hand. There are two main differences between French and English negative adverbs: 1. – Donald T Regan, Loyalty is a fine quality, but in excess it fills political graveyards. D'autre part, il est un suzerain loyal et honnête qui n'use pas de sa puissance pour conquérir par les armes. – Pascal Mercier, The secret of a good life is to have the right loyalties and hold them in the right scale of values. – Heinrich Himmler, Loyalty… A will, a decision, a resolution of the soul. Never force someone to make a space in their life for you, because if they truly care about you, they will create one for you. – Janet Robinson, You don’t earn loyalty in a day. – William Shakespeare, A person who deserves my loyalty receives it. The scholar does not consider gold and jade to be precious treasures, but loyalty and good faith. Définition, avec … It expresses itself in both thought and action and strives for the identification of the interests of the loyal … Loyalty, general term that signifies a person’s devotion or sentiment of attachment to a particular object, which may be another person or group of persons, an ideal, a duty, or a cause. He seems to attract a rabble of supporters more loyal to the man than to the cause. Ce dernier, comme doit le faire un seigneur loyal, prend la défense de Jacques de Rue. 2. Loyalty keeps the girl. Céphale répond que la vieillesse est supportable et douce si l'on a vécu suivant la justice, en étant loyal et sincère, et en donnant à chacun ce qui lui est dû. Loyalty is the strongest glue which makes a relationship last for a life time. Salutati s'est efforcé de convaincre Grégoire XI en lui assurant que Florence avait toujours été un membre loyal du parti guelfe. – James Madison, I was beginning to see serious drawbacks to this loyalty thing. 3ème cas: exclamation démonstrative Avec un adjectif: Il est SI fort! Try 30 days for free without credit card! 315 likes. You know, you are in love with your crush. Being loyal to those around you can be a challenge, as it requires patience and generosity. Phrases avec le mot Plus d'outils. There is no love without loyalty and loyalty without love is meaningless so love deeply and devote your all. – Martin Luther King, I always think loyalty’s such a tiresome virtue. – Jeffrey Gitomer, Loyalty is the pledge of truth to oneself and others. Loyalty is holding nothing against anyone but always forgive and hold each others hands through both the dark and the light. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com! – Emily Giffin, Sometimes, loyalty gets in the way of what you want to do. D'autre part, il est un suzerain loyal et honnête qui n'use pas de sa puissance pour conquérir par les armes. Stand with anybody that stands right, stand with him while he is right and part with him when he goes wrong. Iles Loyalty or Loyaute), a group in the South Pacific Ocean belonging to France, about 100 m. Leo treated the Uniate Greeks with great loyalty, and by bull of the 18th of May 1521 forbade Latin clergy to celebrate mass in Greek churches and Latin bishops to ordain Greek clergy. – Ada Velez- Boardley, The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, lies in its loyalty to each other. 1. Les Fables de La Fontaine. Ils sont battus par le gouverneur, resté loyal à Maximin, de la province voisine de Maurétanie. Wisdom gets the girl. – Simone Elkeles, Copyright © 2006-2021 - Sayings and Quotes - All rights reserved. Tolerance and loyalty. Find another word for loyalty. – Leonardo DiCaprio. leal (faithful and true). – Mark Twain, His loyalty, so fierce and unwavering, makes my eyes water and heart ache. Guillaume le Conquérant perd l'un de ses meilleurs barons mais aussi, selon l'historien François Neveux, son plus fidèle et loyal collaborateur. Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family. Loyalty knows no boundary, it is not self righteous or easily earned, but loyalty is standing back to back through right and wrongs, correcting all mistakes made, being sword and shield, defending each other. hard-core; hardcore (intensely loyal). Traductions. Le droit d'auteur en France est régi par par la loi du 11 mars 1957 et la loi du 3 juillet 1985, codifiées dans le code de la propriété intellectuelle. – Robert Morse, Repeat business or behavior can be bribed. Amongst nomads the tribe is the unit of government, the political bond is personal, and there is no definite territorial association of the people, who may be loyal but cannot be patriotic. English He is the loyal custodian of the religion and the nation and is the symbol of national unity; ... Il a adhéré récemment au LURD avec une centaine de combattants de l'Ulimo-K qui lui sont dévoués. And because of this I dare not meddle with so high a matter. Would the world be in the mess it is if we were loyal to love and not to countries?” ― Graham Greene, Our Man in Havana. – Abraham Lincoln. [Rhymes] Lyrics and poems Near rhymes Synonyms / Related Phrases Mentions Phrase rhymes Descriptive words Definitions Homophones Similar sound Same consonants Advanced >> Words and phrases that rhyme with loyal : (21 results) Courage approaches the girl. ONCE THEIR NEED CHANGES, SO DOES THEIR LOYALTY. Looking for phrases related to the word loyalty? Avec un adverbe: Il chante SI bien! : They set Hudson and his teenage son John, along with seven sick, infirm, or loyal crewmen, adrift in a small open boat. Avec un verbe: Je l’aime TELLEMENT/TANT! liege (owing or owed feudal allegiance and service). Another word for loyal. Respect is earned. : add up to something: equal: Your purchases … Voici une liste de phrases. When the verb is inverted, pas follows the subject pronoun.. 2. – Samuel Goldwyn. Vous cherchez des phrases avec le mot loyal? 2. – Mario Puzo, Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity. The Web's largest and most authoritative phrases and idioms resource. 🔊 – Corrine Jackson, The undead did not love, but they remembered love with a savage loyalty. Avec un nom: Il a TELLEMENT de chance! Family, Loyalty And Respect. – J.K. Rowling, One of the things that makes me who I am is the loyalty I have to people I hold close to my heart. Exemples de phrases. 2. Trouver des mots. 🔊 One of the employees at the insurance agency did not feel loyal to the company since her boss offered more money to newer employees. Steadfast in allegiance to one's homeland, government, or sovereign. Learn more. 43. You shouldn’t have to fight for a spot in someones life. – Josiah Royce, In thy face I see the map of honour, truth and loyalty. : John initially remained loyal to his father, but changed sides once it appeared that Richard would win. To sacrifice one's own life for a noble and loyal cause. Phrases avec le mot loyauté. doglike (resembling a dog; especially in devotion). Never let your loyalty make a fool of you. Voici une liste de phrases. – Geoffrey Hindley, Two guys and I love them both. Testez-vous avec ces quelques phrases: Sometimes, it’s not your secret to tell. You’ve got to give loyalty down, if you want loyalty up. Qui est de la condition requise par la loi... Définition dans le Littré, dictionnaire de la langue française. About Us | FAQ | Privacy Policy. Every man for themselves! Donne à chaque phrase le numéro du mot qui lui manque. Texte intégral, sans publicité ni brimborions. – Woodrow Wilson, I’ll take fifty percent efficiency to get one hundred percent loyalty. SOME PEOPLE AREN’T LOYAL TO YOU, THEY ARE LOYAL TO THE NEED OF YOU. – Grant D. Searchfield, Loyalty means nothing unless it has at its heart the absolute principle of self- sacrifice. The black vote is astonishingly loyal to the Democratic Party. See common phrases containing Loyal in English. Grâce à ces méthodes, l'armée allemande est, durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, au moins jusqu'à la fin de 1943, un instrument parfaitement loyal et fidèle au dictateur. Trust is gained. Lack of loyalty is one of the major causes of failure in every walk of life. You earn loyalty day- by- day. SENS DES MOTS1 Récris chaque groupe de mots avec un adjectif contraire de l'adjectif en gras : généreuse - stupide - modeste - cultivé - sympathique - sournois.