TEAM RAPID FORMAT. Some of our locations are still continuing to offer a great experience even after 20 years of use with the same system, and we have not ended the support of any LaserBlast system. First is the discreet Low-Light Selfie Camera mounted inside the back of the phaser. LVLT is the PREMIER facility for Laser Tag IN THE LEHIGH VALLEY!!! You’ll be wielding a plastic laser gun and you’ll test your courage and strengthen your team spirit in a fun environment. George Carter III (born July 28, 1945) is an inventor who created Photon, the first commercialized version of laser tag, as well as other inventions such as the personal watercraft and certain versions of all-terrain vehicles. You can also accommodate a much larger group, so that you’re entire group of friends or party can play together, not just 2-4 at a time. The remaining 2570 square feet would be used for the laser tag arena. RABBIT Every player for themselves with a special bonus. This includes: We provide you with all the laser tag marketing and operational support you’ll need. Space & Site Selection is among the most critical variables in the success of your center, but also difficult to easily quantify and sum up. The total space available should be at least 7,000 square feet in total building size to allow for party rooms, bathrooms, lobby, front counter, game room, and possibly other attractions. You can earn anywhere from $250,000-$1,000,000 + per year with a laser tag. } The color of the pass will correspond to an upcoming time slot. We still recommend having the arena themed or painted by a professional. It works like the other methods except that players queue up outside of the briefing room and don’t reserve or pay until their game card is swiped as they enter the briefing area. Do you have a softplay, extra party room or a special event room? Points are awarded for tagging other players, the base, and elements throughout the arena. Tap the Star to see the top 9 rank in the game. Our multi-level illuminated track offers a thrilling ride you can’t experience anywhere else! The two most frequently chosen options are to buy an arena from a theming company, or build-your-own arena with design assistance from Laser-Blast. Live one-touch leader board showcasing the top nine players. The cashier then tells the laser tag attendant how many players have signed up for the game. In the past, most laser tag attractions only offered laser tag and a small arcade or game room. { Pick 5. The 3rd round of the Portugal Grand Prix started yesterday with two races. listeners: [], Grand Prix Kart racing event; Archery and Laser Clay Shooting OR 60 minutes play Laser Tag ; Meal in the Pitstop Restaurant; Minimum 14 persons; Invitations (Package with 30 minutes karting instead of grand prix, no minimum amount of people required is €65 pp) Laser tag areas as small as 1000 square feet can be accommodated with the CyberBlast Phaser Only system, but returns will not be on par with a full-size attraction. Tag any target, player, or base in the arena to earn points. A traditional game with no vest lights. In some areas, the regulatory burden may make it impractical to add a raised play structure with requirements to use a steel mezzanine, install new sprinkler systems, extra backup lighting and emergency exits. The average LaserBlast system is in use for 7-12 years before needing to be replaced. Points are awarded for every second the base is controlled. Adds a special bonus weapon to the standard game. Capture your selfie in the briefing room before your mission begins! Their center lights flash white instead of the normal team color. Two races for the Lasers, three for the 49ers, and four for the 49erFX were held yesterday at the Portugal GR, initially in a 15kn breeze, later on decreasing to 10kn. Easy one-button push to start matches. Once the laser tag attendant has collected all of the tickets, they begin the briefing video and return the tickets to the front desk. Protect your VIP. Like any physically active game, there are some inherent injury risks in laser tag. Touch to be instantly invincible for a short amount of time! LaserBlast passes are a set of laminated cards in 6 colors for easy identification. A 3000 square foot attraction like the one the above revenue numbers are based on will require an investment between $100,000 and $150,000. Shoot to accept the challenge, then shoot to answer. Click to open the map in a new window. Du plaisir assuré, pour les petits… et les grands! Instead of automatically reactivating, you must return to your base every time you are hit to respawn. Gym flooring or carpet are good options. Each player is limited to 10 lives. After a 3 minute safe period, one player is randomly chosen and eliminated from the losing team every minute. Tag three players in a row to earn a rapid firing laser weapon until the next time you are tagged. From the players’ perspective, The biggest difference between VR and the laser tag experience that our systems offer is the social experience. Every System ships with a standard 24″ Touchscreen Monitor, Tower, Keyboard, the ability to connect a second screen (Player Scoreboard) and includes duel network connectivity. After the 10th hit, the player is eliminated from the game. After 5 seconds, other teams can tag your devices to take them back. These systems typically provide a printed receipt that indicates the time of the game that the guest has purchased, and the number of players paid for that timeslot. Admission – $23 per person per session. After the 10th hit, the player is eliminated from the game. This would consist of a small 3-4′ high raised platform, typically towards the middle of the arena. Players in the lobby will be able to see the scores live update throughout the game. While you are the King of the Hill you get an enhanced shot rate. Choose between a Blaster, Photons, and Shields. The finishing touch to your arena every customer will rave about. Turn low-performing space into profits. The player with the most points when time expires wins the game. Use your elusiveness to reach and destroy the opponent’s base before they tag you. LASERMAXX, CYBERMAXX, BATTLEMAXX any kind of laser tag for you to enjoy the most! 2 RACE AND 1 LASER TAG – $49.99 (SAVE $10 OFF RETAIL!) Come and get involved with the great value Laser Tag session for just £12, every Sunday at our Birmingham (City), East Midlands and Letchworth venues. These rules include: No running, no jumping, and no climbing on objects. The player with the most points when time expires wins the game. Set it and forget it or create your own game types. LASER TAG SPECIAL. FREE FOR ALL ELIMINATION A free-for-all game in which the lowest score is eliminated every minute. Free Fire Laser Tag. When visiting a Family Entertainment Center, you’re typically going to meet a group of friends that you might not get to see in-person as often as you’d like. Use your elusiveness to stay alive as long as possible. FREE FOR ALL BASE RESPAWN Also known as Retro Laser Tag. This is a simplified Team Game format, with only the basic blaster on rapid fire (no shields, photons, or laser bursts). Once all survivors have been turned, a new round begins. Your LaserBlast representative can assist you with layout concerns such as which part of the building would be best for the laser tag attraction, how to avoid unnecessary demo work, and which other attractions would fit and make sense for your project. Briefing the players early allows you to minimize the turnover time between games, and maximize the games played during your busiest hours. window.mc4wp.listeners.push( Call for a reservation today so there is minimal wait time! Location: Xtreme Racing . Work as a team to control the arena, score the most points, and win the game. Maps were disabled by the visitor on this site. The first 50% is paid prior to delivery of the equipment, and the remaining balance can be split over 12 months interest-free. In these cases, a partially raised area is still preferable to a purely 2D arena. The ideal laser tag layout features separate Briefing and Vesting (or suit-up) areas. All players start the game blue with 20,000 points. Where the objective of the mission is to find the red targets and tag them fro 1000 points before your opponents find them. This 20 minute experience includes 12 minutes of game play, 4 minutes of briefing, and 4 minutes of vesting, team selection, and last minute questions. Our laser also complies with the safety standards of the European Union, IEC 60825-1, class IIA. How do i consider space and site selection? Questions  can be chosen from one of our preset lists or have your customer import their own on the cyberweb platform. DRACULA One player will be selected to be Dracula, turning red and gaining an infectious shot. Our support team is dedicated to helping assist in any way you may need. Each player begins the game as a blue survivor. The first come first serve method is the simplest and makes it very easy for your guest to purchase a game, but doesn’t allow you to schedule walk-in players in advance. SEARCH AND DESTROY Your mission is to find the red targets and tag them for 1000 points before your opponents find them. As other types of entertainment have sought new attractions to offer more variety than their competition, single-attraction centers have become very rare, typically only excelling in smaller markets. The last surviving human wins the game, which ends when the last player has been turned. Our team repairs and returns items sent in for service in 1-5 business days from when we receive the item. If your team’s VIP is the last one still alive, your team wins. We strive to maintain inventory so that we can accommodate and upgrade your existing laser tag attraction right when you need it, sometimes as quickly as 1-2 weeks from receiving an order. Take comfort knowing you are always one call away from immediate help. Columbus’ #1 Ranked Family Entertainment Center! While in game mode three large active icons will appear. The laser used in our laser tag product is a red or green low power laser diode, operated at < 1 milli-watts. Points are awarded for tagging other players, tagging the bases, and tagging elements throughout the arena. As soon as Dracula tags another player, they are converted to a vampire, also turning red. EXPERIENCE SKYTAG Trampoline, Laser Tag and Cyber Sport fun for everyone Over 10,000 square feet of trampolines including the interactive Wipe Out, the Interactive Obstacle course, Dodgeball, Basket-Ball, Open Court, Foam Pit, and soon to be installed 1on1 basket ball court -Over 8,000 multi-level Laser Tag arena, making it the biggest arena in the Montreal and surrounding area. Focus on your guest experience, not replacing broken connectors. If a guest purchased 3 games of laser tag, the attendant would record the transaction on your POS, and hand the guest 3 passes, each with a different color corresponding to a different time slot. Each pass will represent one game for one player. A few customers every year do purchase one of our older model refurbished LiteBlast systems, or our handheld CyberBlast phaser system for home use. No annual/hourly fees- Software updates and support are included for the life of your system. This is the least expensive option and tends to make sense for smaller markets. How often can I expect to service my equipment? ); Inside the laser tag arena, our referees offer a constant presence as to managing the game. Contact a Laserblast representative for contacts and more information on these companies. In addition to standard wood & barrel partitions, these arenas typically also include unique elements to match your theme, base structures, archways and more.