Unsatiated, Jim starts hallucinating, imagining that the Prospector is a large, luscious chicken. Stunned by Saunders' revelations, Jeff rushes to Paine's house to confront him, but Paine tries to smooth-talk him. Just after Green learns from a nurse that Esther died during the night, Glenn, unaware of the sad news, tells Green that he came to Nashville to fulfill the wish of his mother, who saved Barbara Jean’s life in a fire and wanted him to see her. Atticus tries to have the decision reversed, but before he can do so, Tom attempts to escape and is killed. Down the block, Mookie’s boss, an Italian man named Sal Frangione, opens his shop, Sal’s Famous Pizzeria. Elsewhere, a group of men use radar equipment to search the forest and find a cluster of the forgotten candies. He then panics because he doesn't have a gun permit, but the cashier promises to cover for him and sends him away. Tina finally goes into the bedroom with Mookie, who instructs her to undress and runs ice cubes up and down her naked body, promising to return that night. Injured and shaken, Mose reveals Scar's location, whereupon the men immediately prepare for a surprise attack. Karen recalls when Eve first entered their lives: On a rainy October night, Karen arrives at the theater where Margo is starring in Lloyd's play, and is approached by Eve, who has been to every performance. Back on the road, they hear a banging and pull over to discover Batts is still alive. Across a collapsing stone stairway built over a bottomless chasm, a huge fiery creature called a Balrog pursues the group. Deckard is escorted to an office where Bryant, his former boss, orders him to find four Replicants who killed the passengers and crew of an off-world shuttle and later landed on Earth. 1.Psycho (1960)2.Jaws (1975)3.The Exorcist (1973)4.North by Northwest (1959)5.The Silence of the Lambs (1991)6.Alien (1979)7.The Birds … Elsewhere, at another time, Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield arrive at an apartment to collect a briefcase from a man named Brett, on behalf of their gangster boss, Marsellus Wallace. That night during the band’s performance, Osgood sends Jerry an enormous bouquet, which Joe commandeers to give to Sugar with a card inviting her to dine with Junior. Joe soon discovers that he has been mistaken for a mortician, who is due to arrive with a baby coffin for "madame's" dead pet chimpanzee. When Billy responds with a gesture of defiance, one of the men fires a shot that hits him in the stomach. In the jungle late at night, Taylor wakes up fellow soldier, Junior, when it is his turn to stand watch; however, Junior quickly falls back asleep, and Taylor later wakes to find soldiers from the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) circling their camp. After Hollis emotionally speaks out condemning the project as unsafe, Jake follows him as he inspects the dry Los Angeles riverbed under the Hollenbeck Bridge, then goes out to Point Fermin, where thousands of gallons of water rush through a drainage pipe out into the sea that night. Some days later, an exhausted Butch and Sundance arrive at Etta’s home, where she relates that the newspapers had reported their capture. He agrees never to speak to Janice again and promises to support the family, as long as she keeps bringing him drugs. She dies during a battle with the invading forces, while the prince and his sweetheart Attarea commit suicide rather than submit to the tyranny of Cyrus and the high priest. Scottie is baffled by Elster’s claims that Madeleine has been having blackouts and seems to be possessed by someone from the past. Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Walter Huston, Tim Holt, Producer: Jack L. Warner|76481||Henry Blanke|69124, Cast: Peter Sellers, George C. Scott, Sterling Hayden, Writer: Stanley Kubrick|141977||Terry Southern|145337||Peter George|123941, Production Company: Hawk Films, Ltd, Polaris Productions, Cast: Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Eleanor Parker, Editor: William Reynolds|156300||Larry Allen|95449. Eventually Falfa, accompanied by Laurie, finds John and they agree to face off at dawn on an isolated road. Rosenbaum also produced an alternative list of 100 American movies that he felt had been overlooked by the AFI. Calling from an undisclosed tropical location, Lecter promises not to attack her, saying the world is more interesting with her in it. Cary Grant has the most appearances on the list, with eight films. Poverty and desperation begin to break apart the family as the husband of pregnant daughter Rosasharn leaves her. After the show, Addison goes backstage and overhears Eve making a play for Bill in her dressing room. Without it, Sauron’s physical body crumbled and his power scattered. Hurt over Eve’s betrayal, Roger angrily confronts them. Later, Isildur was killed by Orcs when the ring, which grants invisibility to the wearer, slipped from his finger. 100. He then seeks counsel with the head of his order, the wizard Saruman, who resides in the tower of Isengard, but finds that the old wizard has been corrupted. Schindler reprimands him for this practice, but does not fire anyone. Finally, Rocky slams Creed in the ribs, causing internal bleeding. They follow a trail of broken branches left by Kong and soon stumble on a dinosaur, a horny-tailed stegosaurus, which they kill with gas bombs. Although the council agrees that it must be destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom, individuals, enchanted by the evil in the ring, quarrel over how to accomplish the deed. As Norman goes upstairs, Lila creeps down to the fruit cellar, where she finds Mrs. Bates sitting with her back to the door. After a visit with Bonnie's mother, the gang is surrounded in Dexter, Iowa. Unnerved, Lawrence returns to Cairo. As they reach Rock River bridge, Johnnie sets the bridge on fire to hinder their pursuers. One afternoon, Barnes orders Elias to lead his men on a night patrol, but Elias argues that it is Sergeant O’Neill’s turn. Realizing that he cannot finish the bridge by the deadline, Nicholson matter-of-factly tells Clipton that he has asked the officers to work beside the enlisted men and they have volunteered "to a man." Benjamin Braddock, filled with doubts about his future, returns to his Los Angeles home after graduating from an Eastern college. Though enraged, Gillespie reluctantly acquiesces in Tibbs's findings. Next, he aims at Little Bill, who chuckles when the rifle misfires. Meanwhile, Fran meets Sheldrake at the apartment and, receiving his Christmas gift of a $100 bill, becomes despondent. At the journey's end, however, Lawrence learns that one of his men is missing. Taylor attacks Barnes, but the sergeant overpowers him and holds a knife to his face. When Alvy suggests that Annie is lucky he came along, she responds, “Well, la-dee-dah." When he comes to, he searches the room and finds a paper announcing the arrival of a ship from Hong Kong, but at the docks, Sam finds the ship on fire. When Schrank and Krupke arrive, Maria kisses Tony and after she says “Te adoro, Anton,” members of the two gangs, united at least for a while, help to carry Tony’s body away. Some weeks later, at Homer and Wilma's wedding, Fred, who is Homer's best man, is nervous to see Peggy and her parents again. Production Company: Long Road Productions, Inc. After Norma recovers, she has the pool filled, and announces that she has sent her script to Paramount's director of epics Cecil B. DeMille, with whom she made twelve pictures. Later, Judah is ordered to Arrius' quarters, where the consul offers him the chance to leave the galley and become a charioteer or gladiator. In the spring, Spartacus is overjoyed to learn that Varinia is pregnant. INSPIRE. Lionel Mandrake, who has been locked in Ripper's office, works out the secret code that is instrumental in recalling the bombers. Back in the U.S., Indy returns to his university classroom, where is visited by colleague Marcus Brody. Alvy reflects that there is some truth in what Allison says—that, like the old Groucho Marx joke, he really does not want to be in any club that would have him as a member. As Haven and Barbara Jean sing a duet, Star searches the crowd for Albuquerque, who is in the wings with other musicians. After leaving Dietrichson's body on the tracks, Phyllis and Walter leave together in her car. Her father later confirms the news when he returns home to Tara, the O'Hara plantation, and advises Scarlett to forget about the serious-minded Ashley, because “like should marry like.” At the barbeque, Scarlett acts coquettish with all of the young men, hoping to make Ashley jealous, then, during an afternoon rest, sneaks into the library to see him. She agrees, stipulating that if the law should reach them there, she will not stay to watch them die. As a comedian, he is not interested in getting laughs from people who are high, because they are always laughing anyway. Once Joey mollifies his enraged brother, the mercurial Jake laments that his small, girlish hands limit his ability to rise to the top. Despite their dislike for each other, Peter attempts to catch the thief who steals Ellie's suitcase, but he fails. Thoroughly depressed, Lucky prepares to tell Margaret that he no longer loves her, but she surprises him by revealing that she, too, has fallen in love with someone else. Having defused the crisis, Jules and Vincent take the briefcase they are about to deliver to Marsellus and leave the diner together. The man is Jacoby, the captain of the Hong Kong ship, and the package contains the statue. Emptying the chamber of all but one bullet, Michael presses the gun against Stan’s forehead and pulls the trigger. Their crisp arrival is wryly observed by Shears, an American sailor who bribes a guard to transfer him from the burial detail to the infirmary. Schindler brags to Emilie that he has finally achieved success, and is proud to be a war profiteer. Later, as Sam and Lila wait with Chambers and other officials at the courthouse, Norman is examined by a psychiatrist, Dr. Richmond. The Professor and his group are investigating Vandamm for selling government secrets and have created a fictitious agent named George Kaplan in hopes of forcing Vandamm into the open. One exceptionally strong slave in the rock mines of Libya, Spartacus, is regularly whipped for displaying his intelligence and pride. He then goes on deck, where he throws a spear at an enemy soldier who has attacked Arrius and forced him into the water. Sam, who runs a hardware store in Fairvale, California, assures her that they can marry after he pays his debts, but Marion longs for immediate respectability. When the Sharks arrive, the two gangs decide the time and location of the fight, but as they discuss weapons, Tony, who has by then returned to help close the shop for the evening, convinces them to have a “fair fight,” using nothing but fists. The Elf lord Elrond begged Isildur to destroy the ring by casting it into the fires of Mount Doom, but the ring, having a life of its own, enticed Isildur to keep it for himself. Realizing that Miss Gulch will come back, Dorothy runs away with Toto. Finally, Quick Mike has to use the outhouse, giving the Kid an opportunity to ambush him. Schindler wants to open a ceramics factory but lacks the necessary capital. As The Wife sobs alone at home, The Man trudges through the marsh to meet The Woman. Although Tony has no plans to attend the fight, Maria urges him to go and stop it from happening. Paulie declares Adrian a “loser,” a spinster at almost thirty, but invites Rocky to Thanksgiving dinner with them the following night. During her initial meeting with Hoess, Sophie explained her father’s beliefs and implored him to recognize the injustice of her imprisonment. Alex, the leader of one of the gangs, and his “droogs,” Pete, Georgie and Dim, distinguish themselves by wearing all-white, cod pieces, bowler hats and walking canes as the spend their nights committing rapes, muggings and beatings for entertainment. When the troops march onto the bridge for the ribbon cutting ceremony, Clipton informs Nicholson he wants no part of the festivities and retreats to a hill to watch. While on a scouting mission with Ali, Lawrence is captured and tortured by the Turks. Production Company: Horizon Pictures (G.B. The session ends with loud arguments that prompt the orderlies to physically remove some of the patients out of the room to restore the peace. Although Joey argues that Jake wants to make it on his own, Tommy counters that Jake will never get a chance at the title without his help. At the prison camp, Clipton warns Nicholson that he could be charged with treason for collaborating with the enemy. Retrieving the bulrushes he has hidden in the boat’s hull, The Man ties them around his wife to keep her afloat. Although Scottie hopes to overcome his phobia, his longtime friend, Midge Wood, an artist who is in love with him, cautions him that only a severe emotional shock might snap him out of it. Later, ex-Blade Runner Deckard orders from an Asian food stand and remembers that his ex-wife used to call him “Sushi,” implying that he was a cold fish. Although Indy hijacks the truck, he is thrown from the speeding vehicle and slides underneath the carriage to regain control of the wheel. Once there, however, the woodsman finds he cannot do the deed and admonishes the princess to hide, while he returns to the queen with a pig's heart, which he claims belonged to Snow White. Frasier, carrying his violin case, accompanies Green to the rally, where Martha is in the audience holding hands with Bill. After sweeping his wife up into his arms, The Man puts her onboard the trolley and they return to their boat. The next day in the hold, Terry attempts to speak with Kayo, but the older man brushes him aside, calling him one of Friendly’s boys. After everyone leaves the shop, Doc expresses his dismay at Schrank’s behavior, but Tony, who is buoyed by love, believes that everything will be all right. When Arrius realizes that his ship is sinking, he tries to kill himself with his own knife, but Judah stops him. Ripper kills himself rather than face capture, but his R.A.F. As an adult, he encounters relationship problems with his girl friend, Annie Hall, when she starts to withdraw her affection. However, Weinstock, knowing the police are after Sal, insists on taking more time before agreeing to Charnier’s price. Henry and Tommy execute the Idlewild Airport heist, stealing $420,000 in cash from an Air France plane. Ethan and Martin examine the prisoners taken during the raid, but do not find Debbie among the several white women found living with the Indians. Hoping to lure Thorwald out, Jeff writes him an anonymous note, asking, “What have you done with her?” After Lisa slips the note under his door, Thorwald reads it and begins packing. They return to the warehouse, where all of the criminals scatter, followed by the police. A lax military leader, the married Blake is more concerned with his lover and running the hospital than following any military protocol. The guards reluctantly leave. Walter confronts Phyllis and tells her that he knows she has used him and that he intends to frame Nino for the murder. That night, Charley takes Terry on a cab drive and chides him for not telling him about the subpoena. A few days later, Etta awakens to the strange sight of Butch riding around the house on a bicycle. During the battle, when their galley is rammed, the rowers are trapped until Judah kills their guard, takes his keys and unlocks the others. Greenhill brings in Mose, who has been held captive by Scar. He defends Goeth as someone who is under tremendous pressure, who would not normally act like a tyrant. When Dobbs is caught in a cave-in, Curtin briefly considers leaving him to die, in order to get a larger share of the treasure. Once calm, Watson tells Lucky that, if he wants a second chance with Margaret, he must earn at least $25,000 in New York City. You’ve seen 0 of the 100 10TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION of all time. Annie, a sometime actress from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, offers Alvy a ride home and invites him up to her apartment for a drink. Andy is sent back to solitary confinement, and Norton orders Hadley to murder Tommy. Due to the intrusive nature of the discussion, Harding becomes upset, causing tension to rise within the group. They make their way to Pizza Planet by jumping onto a delivery truck. Cloudy, who attempts to defend his partner, later visits Popeye’s apartment and finds him handcuffed to the bed by a young sexual partner. At dawn, Indy and Sallah sneak to the real Map Room excavation, where Indy rappels into the chamber, affixes the headpiece to its staff, and holds it up to the rising sun to ascertain the exact coordinates of the ark’s burial place. Clarice walks past a neighboring cell, where a prisoner named Miggs masturbates and throws semen in her face. The next day, Johnnie decides they must warn the Confederates about the attack. The Union soldiers, now fearing for their lives, disconnect their last car in hopes of stopping The Texas. Eager to return to jail, he gallantly admits to stealing a loaf of bread to save a starving gamin. For his first two years, Alex panders to the prison chaplain by quoting the Bible and accompanying him on keyboard for service hymns, while secretly fantasizing about the Bible’s violent and sexual passages. Although the bandits are scared off by the appearance of federal soldiers, Cody is killed in the crossfire. Complaining that Delilah is now “damaged property,” Skinny tells the sheriff, “Little Bill” Daggett, that he wants compensation for lost revenue. Meanwhile, at Buffalo Bill’s house, Catherine Martin is held at the bottom of a well in the basement. The next day, Goeth experiments with showing mercy toward the Jewish prisoners, but quickly gives up and kills his houseboy for failing to properly clean his bathtub. Meanwhile, Harris orders the Air Force to “expend all remaining” within the surrounding perimeter. Finally arriving in Connecticut, David, who has donned Susan's dressing gown because Susan has sent his feather-encrusted clothes to the cleaners, runs into the befuddled, suspicious Aunt Elizabeth, whose married name is Mrs. Carleton Random. Stern relays a story about Goeth executing prisoners at random, and urges Schindler to fight against Goeth’s brutality. Peter then convinces Shapeley that he is a gangster who has kidnapped Ellie, and the terrified man flees. Cast: Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Chico Marx, Writer: Bert Kalmar|19808||Harry Ruby|67181. When Salvy follows Joey outside, Joey kicks him, then bangs him in the head with a taxicab door. The newlyweds go to another auto lodge, where they ask the owners for a rope, a blanket and a trumpet. Judah is uneasy with the request but, as he is against violence, agrees to speak with other influential Jews. There, Triplette asks Haven to perform at the rally, but Haven is reluctant. Ned shoots Davey’s horse, and the horse pins him. Members of both gangs are gathering, and as they edge toward each other menacingly, Maria steps between them and takes the gun from Chino. On the sidewalk, Mookie reprimands Buggin Out for putting his job at risk and asks him to stay away from the pizzeria for a week. Joe begs Ernie to stay and calls for a meeting of the homestead men that night. aide, Group Capt. Glinda then comforts Dorothy and reveals that she has always had the power to return home, but that she had to learn it for herself. Everyone in the room cheers and Saunders jumps for joy. The guards and monkeys, relieved that the witch is dead, hail Dorothy and give her the broomstick. Eventually, Norma, suspicious that Joe is involved with another woman, finds his and Betty's script and goes into a deep depression. Upon their return, however, Abilene treats Jacy coldly, and when she sees her mother, Jacy breaks into tears. Production Company: Phil Feldman Productions, Inc., Warner Bros.--Seven Arts, Inc. 01:56. He explains that he came because he wants to help her escape. When he hears Ann, whom he has left in the nook of a dead tree, screaming, however, Kong abandons Jack and rushes to her rescue. After having a terrifying nightmare about Madeleine’s death, Scottie suffers a nervous breakdown and is institutionalized for a year. Although Nick makes it onto the helicopter, Steven falls back into the river and Michael jumps after him as the helicopter flies away. Already late for his hometown wedding, featured troupe dancer and professional gambler John "Lucky" Garnett is delayed further when his fellow dancers, who want to keep him single and in show business, convince him that the cuffless trousers of his morning suit are out of style and need tailoring. Martin Scorsese on CITIZEN KANE. As the sheriff draws his gun, Munny tosses the rifle and draws the Schofield. A rainstorm hits, and the three mount their horses and ride on.