So many already have covered most all my thoughts as to what a list such as this one entails, but I’m stunned Cole Allen isn’t named; along with Shannon Curfman, Corey Stevens, Ross William Perry. Not to say that some aren’t enhanced or modified by technology but they sound just as good live (if not better) than their recordings. Exquisite musicianship abounds on this release, and when you get to the last two songs, you’ll be surprised by the bands originality and ability to push the envelope with beautiful orchestration. Info-video, Nick Schnebelen (Blues, blues-rock) Guitarist, singer-songwriter ), Thank you for sharing this list of talented artists. He was the opening act for Joanne Shaw Taylor last night, and got a standing ovation. I feel so honored that me and The Boneshakers are on this list with so many of my favorite artists.. some amazing woman power on this list too… I love that… thank you for including these awesome talented women… Ana Popovic, Larkin Poe, Samantha Fish, Danielle Nicole, Shemekia Copeland, Southern Ave and even more now that I’m learning of. Yes! hawt damn is Billy Gibbons an underrated guitar player! Expect even bigger things from Marcus King because this young guitarist, singer-songwriter is primed for a hugely successful and long term career. Info-video, Beth Hart (Blues, blues-rock, R&B, soul, jazz) Singer-songwriter, pianist, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist. Between 1968 and 1973, the band scored eight Top 40… I’m familiar with alot of them. Audio CD. Miranda Louise Top 50 Blues Rock Bands/Artists. 22. Faites résonner votre journée. Or maybe just keep updating the list until it becomes the handbook for blues, rock and southern soul. Joe Louis Walker) Tommy Castro. AG Wienberger Michael, My pleasure. (Stony Plain Records) A great Bluesman. Getting better every time. Blues-Rock is a hybrid musical genre combining bluesy improvisations over the 12-bar blues and extended boogie jams with Rock and roll styles. I did not include Bonnie Raitt because she’s so well known to everyone. I’m positive there are many I have yet to learn about. I have a radio show, Rock Under the Radar, which I do live on three stations each week (2 streaming, 1 college, that also streams). The band just finished up a tour in Europe with Mike Zito. of these artists on my radio shows in the past couple of years and a dozen are on my current ‘new blues’ shelf at WMHB. By Martine Ehrenclou. Mike Andersen from Denmark..! It’s just a few that we’ve reviewed and happen to love. El Dorado is less guitar focused, produced by Dan Auerbach. I was listening to some blues music and heard a great song, but I forgot the name of the band. Whiskey Blues Vol. Bonjour, Identifiez-vous. Also a shout out to Coco Montoya and Deanna Bogart. Thank you. Woman power–you bet. Thackery is in one of these two big lists. Fellow Chicagoan and son of Lonnie Brooks. Altered Five I welcome your comments below in the comment section. Video And thanks for commenting. Website, Jonny Lang (blues, blues-rock, rock, contemporary gospel) Guitarist, singer-songwriter The rockers released the new album El Camino, which became their seventh studio attempt . Ms. Parker is based out of the Twin Cities and Ms. Ford is based out of the Chicago area. Great guitarist, great vocalist and puts on one HELLUVA show! £11.99 #2. They are especially great live. That says a lot. I will also bookmark your website so I can go through this list. Ten Years After is an English blues rock band, most popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Thanks James. Below I'll review the best blues guitar courses you'll find on the internet in 2021. Listen to “In My  Girlish Days”, Red Rooster Original I will be checking out the names I don’t recognize. Thanks for the additions. Whether performing solo acoustic or electric band he plays his heart out live! Great list! Info-video, Robert Randolph & The Family Band (blues, rock, soul, funk) Band Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials ( Upbeat blues that make for lots of dancing) Info-video, Tinsley Ellis (blues, blues-rock) Guitarist, singer-songwriter A New Generation Award winner (Robert Johnson). Achetez en toute confiance et sécurité sur eBay! Peter, Listen to “I Got Nothin'”, Sonny Landreth Stream songs including "Statesboro Blues", "Blues Before Sunrise" and more. Écoutez The Best Of Blues Rock par Various Artists sur Deezer. Blues rock can be characterized by bluesy improvisation, the twelve-bar blues, extended boogie jams typically focused on the electric guitar player, and often a heavier, riff-oriented sound and feel to the songs than found in typical Chicago-style blues.Blues rock bands "borrow[ed] the idea of an instrumental combo and loud amplification from rock & roll". We had a a bit of a personal emergency (toilet) whilst visiting New Orleans and popped into a tiny little bar just off Bourbon Street. I didnt see Dan Auerbach on here of Jack White ,or Like the Blue Stones …etc. Danny Bryant LONG LIVE THE BLUES ! This one is epic on every level. Check out Jake Kershaw., Freight Train Rabbit Killer from Kansas City, What a great list. I have seen him several times and he puts on a helluva show. Most of all though-Devon Allman. Both shows have been on air for 35+ years. St.Paul/Mpls. Great list! Whiskey Blues | Best of Slow Blues/Rock. They have a new release coming in August, FYI. The core of the blues rock sound is created by the electric guitar, bass guitar and drum kit, with the electric guitar usually amplified through a tube guitar amplifier, giving it an overdriven character. THIS IS IN USA, BUT AROUND THE WORLD ARE REALLY GOOD EXPONENETS Thank you for this list! Whatever mood you’re in, click play and you’ll be transported into some of the best music around performed by A+ Robert Cray and his band. Please read the article. Mcpherson, Southern Culture on the Skids, War on Drugs, St.Paul and the Broken Bones and J.J. Mofro are all bands that have to be seen live. Saltwater in 2016 and The Divided Kingdom in 2019 both receiving great reviews, heavy blues for heavy times. Have you seen her video with Robben Ford? Btw Check out this video of Sister Cookie singin Nina Simone it sends shivers up my spine!! Thank you Martine and Mike for the exposure to these fine musicians. (enjoyed your great review Martine ) Do check out her music. I really like him a lot and Sidewinder is great as you said. If you’re tuned into these genres, you’ll come across familiar names, I’m sure. Humbly I would suggest the following additions: Donald, Heather Newman, smoking hot blue’s, little woman, BIG voice Type in names in the search bar and they’ll come up. Caffeine Carl / Carl Wagoner Singer, songwriter, blues, rock, jazz . Thank you. I haven’t read everyone’s comments so some of these may have already been mentioned. The real deal! Blues Rock; 40. Extremely underrated! His gruff vocals and hot guitar licks are mighty to behold and will always keep him near the top of the contemporary blues scene. We saw him open for Tab (w/Tab on drums) a few years ago, he was fantastic. Relaxing Jazz Lounge | Don's Tunes. Big Monti Amundson Brother Dege, Johnny Azari, Jeffrey Halford, Will Scott, Preacher Boy, Dave Arcari, Half-Deaf Clatch, Fantastic Negrito, The Record Company, Kelly Joe Phelps, Corey Harris, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Chris Thomas King, Eric Bibb, John Mooney, Seasick Steve, Catfish Keith, Charlie Parr, Bob Log III, etc. • Reverend Horton Heat, Rusty, Trevor Sewell is from the UK and has some great albums out, check out Hollow, Calling Nashville and Independence. Top 50 Blues Rock Bands/Artists. Nine-piece soul band from Pittsburgh on their way up. Great list! But what I’ve learned from my work at Rock and Blues Muse is that there is an overwhelming number of truly outstanding artists and bands out there now—current recording and performing musicians who are authentic, unbelievably talented, and who produce winning music. She’s burning tracks in the blues world right now! The Gypsy Woman Told Me 1,059 likes. Last Light On The Highway Jac, We have four presenters,all very different in their blues tastes. They are all great artists but Tedeschi Trucks Band is so well known-just about everyone knows of them. You named a number of really talented artists and bands. Lauren Anderson Thanks to BluesBroad for the video. Great list! Much love from ELKTON KY!Shout out as well to Government Mule Blackberry Smoke and oh hell yes Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown! She’s been on the scene for 13 years, yet apparently is still an unknown outside of her native Canada. Some of those unknown traditional(and otherwise) blues masters have even been inducted into The Chicago Blues Hall of Fame, Btw, EVERTHING on that label is fantastic! I’ve been part of community radio shows for over 20 years. On the other hand, there are a lot of names here that I need to check out! Martine,, Hello :-) You won’t be sorry you checked this out. Blues/rock ruler Tinsley Ellis shows no signs of aging on his recent Alligator Records platter Ice Cream In Hell. Thanks for the love. Info-video, Shaw Davis & The Black Ties (Rock side of blues, blues-rock) Guitarist, singer-songwriter Best of Blues&Rock. Info-video, Henrik Freischlader (blues, blues-rock, rock, with serious groove) Guitarist, singer-songwriter, producer. Fueled by the band, the audience, and the energy of the night, this album is a must-have. Robin Rogers, I just thought of another one that shouldn’t be missed: Altered Five Blues Band. Such a shame! Check out Michael Hornbuckle. One of my favorite guitarist now after going from metal to blues is Gary Hoey ! It is an honor to be included with so many tremendous artists. Love Ruthie Foster. Info-video, Sean Chambers (blues-rock, rock) Guitarist, singer-songwriter Glad to see Albert Cummings on the list. Thanks again, Martine. Thanks to Music Fog for the video Best Blues Rock albums; New Blues Rockalbums; Updates Blues Rock albums; Acoustic Blues Electric Blues Piano Blues Blues Rock. But I’m beginning to think that doesn’t matter. This is a live video Link –, He has collaborated with some interesting people too – Janis Ian, Tracy Nelson Paul Barrere, How Tedeschi Trucks Band didn’t make this list is mind boggling. Listen to “The Well“, Dion I’m talking about under the radar musicians who are just as good, just as innovative and talented as bands we all listened to before pop, hip-hop/rap/R&B, and country overtook the air waves. You have an EXCEPTIONAL taste in music! (Ruf Records) 4 CD = 20 € Livraison offerte dès 25 € d'achat. Here is our review on Campanella, Gary Clark Jr. Is a MUST SEE. Tony Campanella, Taking it to the Streets, Gulf Coast Records ( Mike Zito’s Label) Check it out Awesome !!!! The list idea is good but most these are bands that people will be hearing this year whether this list was made or not, they are all fairly well known. Thanks. We see many of these great acts frequently in New Orleans. I had the pleasure of seeing a group for the first time recently. Info-video, Gov’t Mule (southern rock, rock, jam band) Band lead by Warren Haynes Blues rock guitar playing is influential in the formation of rock band instrumentation. His father, John, has a band too! We play everything from traditional blues through to blues metal, depends who’s in the chair. Erja Lyytinen Great list … but what about Erja Lyytinen, Aynsley Lister, Tedeschi Trucks Band, … I’d love to send you a copy for review when done? It would be difficult to list every great blues or bluesish band. We’re out there night after night on tour having fun making music with each other. Great young band with a large collection of original rock, blues, funk, and psychelic music. They are fantastic live! Long live Sonny Landreth! Info-video, Kenny Wayne Shepherd (blues, blues-rock, southern rock) Guitarist, singer-songwriter. saw ally ( 20 y.o.) Eric Sardinas. Despite the major setbacks, artists have released some incredible blues, rock and roots albums. I’ll put him back in. Also enjoy Toronzo Cannon, Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials, Damon Fowler and the Slide Brothers. I’ve been hearing people complain about current pop music because of the lack of soulfulness, a lack of authenticity, manufactured drum beats, compressed auto-tuned vocals and more. Catfish young upcoming Blues/Rock from the UK Someone to add to the under the radar list in my opinion is Corey Stevens. Oh, and … you get the idea. Also interesting personal story in past decade or so; involving horrifying health issues, and close personal/professional connection with Hubert Sumlin.. Also Jim Suhler (+Monkey Beat), of Dallas, TX. Absolutely. Quite unlike anything the veteran rockers have done before, this is an album of energetic, authentic blues-rock. this is a great list… however, I’m not sure how Beth Hart is considered “under the radar”…she has no equal. Thanks, I love checking out new talent! Nick Moss Band feat Dennis Gruenling. We are always looking for these new artists and going to see them live when they come around! Tab was blasting out of the juke box. An Outstandingly goood list for the blues rock cohort! For your Blues & Blues Rock list, try Delta Moon. Saw a young (18, still in High School) talent last night – Jake Kershaw. So a page like yours is a breath of fresh air and much needed. I will favorite the link and add more names to my bucketlist. One artist that should be included is Hannah Wicklund & the Stepping Stones. I’m totally flabbergasted that Layla Zoe was not on this list. Magnolia Boulevard is a band from Lexington Ky – Very talented ensemble of musicians, song writers. Of course there are always going to particular people that show up every time in their specialty area. And what about Terry Gillespie our Canadian legend , brother of the blues now with a reggea twist ! Video Unbelievable guitarist, great showman, and just a great guy. I forwarded it to my wall to help enlighten my friends. Hoping someday to see OJATA included in the unknowns that are coming up regardless of algorithms on the streaming formats of the day. Website, Davy Knowles (blues, blues-rock, rock) Singer, songwriter, guitarist However, blues-rock soon backed away from hard rock, and there was a set number of acts that continued to play (and rewrite) blues standards as well as write their own songs in the same idiom. Info-video, Eric Gales (blues-rock, rock, blues, funk) Guitarist, singer-songwriter Thanks for sharing this! Info-video, Too Slim & The Taildraggers (blues-rock, blues, rock) Band led by Tim Langford, singer-songwriter, guitarist) They’ve supported JJ Grey on a few tours and now they’re blowing up by playing major festivals like Bunbury, Tuck Fest (last weekend) and The Ride Festival in Telluride later this summer. I hope I didn’t just overlook them. All writing is copyright of Rock and Blues Muse and may not be reprinted without permission from the publisher. From the land of The Zoo Bar, Lincoln Ne. It doesn’t encompass all of my favorites because the list would be too long. When I realized there were over 80 artists, I had to cut down. Website, Bishop Gunn (Southern rock, southern soul too) Band led by Travis McCready Big Mike Griffin Although he dug deep into hard rock and heavy metal during the 1980s, the Irish guitar master decided to go full-on blues on his 8th album "Still Got the Blues." No way you can list everybody but I would add Stoney Curtis and Sue Foley. And I support going to see live music because it helps keep blues and rock alive. Info-video, Kirk Fletcher (blues, blues-rock, contemporary R&B, funk) Since I started Rock and Blues Muse in December of 2016, I’ve discovered so much outstanding music (blues, blues-rock, rock music, Southern rock, roots music, and southern soul) and it keeps coming. While you read this post, get yourself into the mood and listen to what many consider one of the best blues songs of all time by BB King. Not many acts could follow his show successfully – luckily we got to see JST also! I included those artists in case people who don’t have their ear to the ground of blues, rock, Southern soul, roots music, hadn’t heard of them. Elle est disponible uniquement en ligne. Consommez avec modération. 5 Best Blues Rock Bands. King Lucille signature model is a great option for fans of the blues legend, but the Gibson ES-335 Antique Faded Cherry from the new Gibson Original range is also one of the best blues guitars around if you want to delve into the world of the blues … Info-video, Tab Benoit (blues, Delta blues, blues-rock) Guitarist, singer-songwriter Austin Crum 3 -1 Hour Collection of some of the finest relaxing slow #Blues/#BluesRock tunes. Appreciate your tips. Great list. I would check out his Website – or at least check some of his videos out on YouTube. He was in the original list. Thanks and agree about Lance Lopez. Stoney Curtis, Las Vegas. Sean, we’ve been featuring Kris Barras Band for a while now. Are Drive-By Truckers considered too mainstream? Please include Travis Bowlin. Ships from and sold by Dion collaboration album was already on my must-buy list. How about checking out the amazingly talented John Fairhurst to add to your list of Blues musicians? When it comes to determining who is the best of anything, it is usually an arbitrary decision based on personal choice. I’ve had the sincere pleasure of listening to artists and bands I’ve never heard of who are so good I could hardly believe my ears., Thank you so much for adding him! Blues With Friends Best of Blues Rock Songbook : Various Artists: Musique. I also strive to find great new musicians and let people know about them. Mark, For blues rock A few really good artists are Dave Osti Listen to “Don’t Bring Me Down”. Martine you are building a library here and this list will keep growing Discover and listen to new music releases and 2021's best new album releases this week and every week here. You might consider adding blues guitarist and singer/songwriter David Gogo. Wow what a list. I would add Eli cook, from Charlottesville VA. Gary, This kid is the real deal, has the chops and the voice and is getting his stage presence down. Dion’s Bronx soul is very much apparent on this album, and it’s a full-tilt blues offering. Website, Big Daddy Wilson (old-school blues, soul) Singer-songwriter Roger, Rob, Live At The Paramount In my opinion, the top blues rock artist on the planet is Malina Moye! A list of the best blues rock bands is going to be subjective, as is all art and music. Website, Blue Poets (blues-rock, rock band) Led by Marcus Deml. I’ll look into the other two. We chose albums that pretty much knocked us out. Crank this up and make sure your neighbors hear it. I am reading it as I am going through the Blues section on iTunes. Boscoe France is guitarist, singer, song writer and slide player from Madisonville Ky. Will add. You’re right about Jeramy Norris (& the Dangerous Mood)! The one thing in this article that rang so true is that most people do not know what the are missing…it is not main stream radio (which is sad) it’s just talent. Thanks for the additional names. Primarily known for being guitar rock driven, the best blues rock bands have … Derek, I would like to respectfully request that BB Chung King & The Buddaheads be added to the list. Great blues rock out of Gainesville FL. King often come up. He’s a one of a kind..! Will make my way through more og your recommendations. Thanks for your excellent lists. (Gulf Coast Records) Live music makes your soul perk. Matt Schofield , Seth Rosenbloom, Ariel Posen, Derek Trucks. There is an increasing number of new independent artists, who don’t accept the labels demands, making the music they want to make, financed by crowdfunding. Thanks for your suggestions. Here’s a few great bands to check out: Eric Sardinas, Paul Deslauriers Band, Ghost Town Blues Band, Crystal Shawanda, , David Rotundo Band, Cheryl Lescom & The Tucson Choir Boys, Wicked Grin, Paul Nelson Band, Shakura S’Aida, Dawn Tyler Watson, Guy Belanger, Harpdog Brown, Julian Fauth, Al Lerman, Ben Racine Band, Demian Band, Delta Moon, Derek MIller, Shawn Kellerman, Digging Roots, Red Dirt Skinners, Indigenous, Jordan Officer, Julian Sas, Justin Saladino Band, Tuatha Dea, Sue Foley, Paul Reddick, Steve Strongman, a fantastic list Martine, but I have to add a 1 musician band,guitarist-vocalist Steve Hill from Canada,check him out, Great up and coming English/Spanish blues and soul artist who’s had radio play in the States and in the UK. . I’ve seen several of them live and they are just nice people as well as being great artists. Eunie Saw him a week or so ago at a small venue outside of Chicago and he blew the roof off the place. The Rooster’s mix of rock, blues, and punk/garage is a fire-starter that contains reworked traces of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Chuck Berry, The Ramones, The New York Dolls, and Muddy Waters folded into the band’s original style. We Fly Free When Rivers Meet 2020 $1.80. This is free. Battle Studies is a well-considered and conceptual … A couple more local favorites of mine Brody Buster and the Bel Airs. Maybe a bit ‘ country-ish’, but definitely a great Southern Rock band, with two albums. Front row at a1200 seat venue blows my mind. Thank you for your kind words and for your comment. John McVay- STL also…. J.D. Hi Martine Contemporary blues and blues-rock at its best, Bernard Allison (son of the late blues heavyweight Luther Allison,) put together a funky blues album that rocks. Daniel Castro, Frank Bang, Laurie Morvan, SugarRay Rayford, Rick Estrin, Popa Chubby, Savoy Brown and Shane Dwight. Thank you very much for your comment. Have you heard Rebecca Downes who is the award winning female vocalist of the year (and also a previous winner). I’ll put him back in. My other show is Woodstock Rock (10 of us!) Damon Fowler also has a side band with JP Soars (whom won the IBC in Memphis in 2008) and Victor Wainwright called Southern Hospitality which is worth a listen. Great list, I’d like to hear em all! Hope you enjoy them! Johnny Rawls ( great story teller) So much great music within the list. Blacktop Run The Black Keys, 2011. Thanks! I’ll publish them with your first name only in another article. Also, a community minded person who uses her intellect to better those around her! Video Ryan McGarvey Conrad, you are so welcome. Good start!!!!! Should be a great show. It’s already been a banner year (so far) for new music with blues, rock and roots albums from Larkin Poe, Dion, Robert Jon & The Wreck, Robert Cray, Bernard Allison, Marcus King, Sonny Landreth, Rory Block, Tinsley Ellis, The Proven Ones, Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne, John Primer & Bob Corritore, Ruthie Foster, Red Rooster and many more. Some of these blues, rock and soul artists are from other countries or some haven’t become well known enough yet, but none fit into the most popular genres of music today based on online streaming stats—pop, hip-hop/rap/R&B, and country. I’ve been watching that young man perform since he blew me away at 13 at the Double Door in Charlotte! Info-video, Jonathon Long (blues, blues-rock, southern rock) Singer-songwriter, guitarist Thanks for your comment. A few more who are not on your list: Gary Hoey, Tyler Morris, Chase Walker, Jared James Nichols. It would be nice to see “ Hey thanks for putting this together” then make your statement. 68- A Penny and a Dead Horse – Zodiac . Very good list. A lot of the names in your blues/blues rock section are folks I play on my show frequently. The bands in this British blues boom combined the amped-up intensity of rock & roll with the forms and improvisational content inspired by the likes of such iconic black American artists such as Muddy Waters and Otis Rush.Included here are cuts by Jethro Tull, Cream, and Blodwyn Pig. Best of 2019: Sure, 'Blues the vote!'