7 sexies lett. That last bit of apparent top-to-bottom soundstage height is not as fulsome as it is with the Gamut RS3i, for example (another Meldgaard design). a f a s i aarchzine . Design and TechnologyBenno Meldgaard shared with me some of his design changes over the previous D1.1 (designed by Michael Børresen): “First, the enclosure is completely redesigned internally, optimizing the airflow. Dynamics suffer quite a bit, soundstaging shrinks, and the speaker just doesn’t sound as “alive” in general with the C1/D1 stand. I wanted to lower distortion levels even further. Watch TD1-032 Famous work, how many friends do I know David because of this video on Pornhub.com, the best hardcore porn site. The 6-ohm, 87dB rating is believable and means a wide variety of amplifiers can drive the TD1.2. If the update is installed now you can still run a 2020 payroll using the correct tables. The stand for the older C1 and D1 is not a good sonic fit for the TD1.2 even though the C1/D1 stand physically matches the TD1.2 cabinet perfectly. We are proud to support our business partners including: Aavik, Ansuz, Børresen, Dynaudio, Focal, Kudos, Naim, Nordost, Octave, Rega, REL, Soulution, & YG Acoustics. This was not a comparison test sometimes used in blind listening in which blindfolded listeners are asked to rate three different items or variables before the order of the variables is changed and they are asked to rate them again. Rather than portraying the soundscape as a large imaginary terrarium whose front is near the plane of the speakers—starting near the back of the cabinets and then continuing rearward from there—the TD1.2 also projects out into the listening area in a way that includes a good deal of the space between the speakers and the listener. While he thought the upper extent of the soundstage on the vertical plane was quite high (well above the speakers), he surmised the lower extent started at a higher level off the floor than that of a typical multiway floorstander. Click here to join or sign in. Bass extension is good but does not give some large orchestral music its full due. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Let’s give it one last kick in the pants with ... Facebook-f. Instagram. They commented on how impactful and revealing the presentation was. He said that the mids and upper frequencies had the fine resolution and lack of grain of a Maggie—which he very much liked—but that the presentation on the whole had more dynamic punch and bass weight than a typical Maggie. TD1. Other than that, it is a new design, with new drivers, new crossover, new internal cabinet construction. Mark's Tuition Fees For 2018 Are $2000. Re: Grandvalira hoy, temporada 2020/2021 En pistas hay dos cafeterias abiertas, en el Tarter. Droit d'auteur: les textes sont disponibles sous licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions; d’autres conditions peuvent s’appliquer. The $24k TD1.2 is the latest model in Raidho’s lineup to use the same cabinet shape and driver configuration as the C1/D1—namely a ribbon tweeter above a single mid/woofer. He also thought the speakers were placed farther apart and farther away from his listening position than they actually were. Tonal density, timbral fullness, transient snap, musical flow…they are all there in abundance. When they removed their blindfolds, Listeners One and Two were surprised to see small speakers on stands about 95″ apart and 63″ out from a back wall that is, itself, only 12.5′ wide. The word on the street is that Dantax acquired Gamut, in part, to bring Meldgaard on board for his design acumen. It is also so coherent from top to bottom that it sounds very close to a single driver design—and a very wideband one, at that—rather than a two-way with drivers made of different materials. Instrument and singer placement is believable—recording permitting—and images have substantial physical presence and 3-D depth. The old stand, in my opinion, is a bit too tall (30″) for most listening positions and doesn’t provide a solid enough foundation for the TD1.2 to perform its best. But the electrical phase is much flatter, and the sensitivity has been raised from 83dB to 87dB, which means the TD1.2 runs fantastically with tube amplifiers, as well.” Hmm, I better check that out. TN-F: Change of Training Completion Date due to Suspension, Extension or Exemption: TN-G: CPD Requirements for Scheme “A” Trainees . If you hear a TD1.2 sound a bit constricted in the vertical plane, with imaging that is a little indistinct (accompanied by an odd surround-like effect) and mid/bass attack not quite keeping up with the upper frequencies, you are hearing a TD1.2 that has not been sufficiently run in, or that has been placed too high off the floor, or both. Even though neutral is a theoretical absolute, some speakers’ “version of neutral” differs from others. That is credible and a bit conservative, as I got some meaningful extension below 45Hz present in my system. For more information on this release please see the. Remplissez ce formulaire en vous basant sur … help make music evocative, and the TD1.2 has a way of digging into the details to communicate those subtleties. For more information on this release please see the What's New document for 2021.1, Click the link in the Sage Knowledgebase to install this update: Download Sage 50—Canadian Edition 2021.1 Product Update. THIS SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED Start 2021 off with a live performance at Green Bay Distillery. I am familiar with Meldgaard’s work through his re-designs of the Gamut M250i mono amplifier (my long-standing reference) and the Gamut RS3i stand-mounted speaker, which I reviewed very positively in 2016. High resolution combined with unparalleled dynamic agility and impact—for its size—made listening to the TD1.2 an unreserved pleasure. Twitter. Some mini-monitors don’t match up very well with subs, often because the monitors have a sizeable bump in their upper bass intended to compensate for their lack of true low-end extension, and the crossover zone between monitor and sub becomes too problematic to allow for a smooth blend. Visit www.Sage.com/Resources for options, including links to the Sage Year-End Center, Sage Knowledgebase, Sage City, and Sage University, as well as Chat and Online Case submission. Sage 50 CA Announcements, News, and Alerts. Tubes, turntables, Class D amps, brand names, etc. As regards impedance, it is actually 6 ohms on both the old and new. Nuovi codici fattura elettronica da 1/1/2021 di Marco Giorgetti ... TD1 Fatture immediate 2) TD24 Fatture differite in quanto si sono ceduti beni con DDT 3) TD25 Fatture differite in quanto intermediari di una operazione triangolare ... 331/93, prestazioni servizi di telecomunicazione, elettronici art. f g e art. It is human nature. Some listeners simply prefer the purity of a well-executed, small two-way speaker; there are fewer things to go wrong compared to a multiway floorstander with a larger and more resonant cabinet, more surface area for diffraction, at least one more crossover, driver discontinuities, and room placement conflicts between optimal soundstaging and smooth frequency response. Pre-Order Division 2 here! The user manual suggests 250 hours. Listener One wrote to me later, “I recall that in listening to the Raidhos it was not possible to locate an instrument emanating from a specific driver. This is the reason why the TD1.2 reproduces the soundstage so precisely—easily heard in how big a difference there is in soundstage between different recordings.”. Indeed, in dynamic impact and soundscape scope, the TD1.2 is size-defying in an almost chuckle-inducing way. Frontier School Division 1/22/2021 12:11:12 PM We are very excited to announce that Frontier has received 450 onetab devices! Having said this, I believe that the vertical dispersion of the TD1.2’s ribbon tweeter is narrower than that of some of the dome or ring-radiator tweeters found in other mini-monitors. Most travel passports worldwide are MRPs. ート. Even small instruments like triangles impart a sense of substance. Mark Is Expected To Earn $2000 In 2018 And Will Not Use His Tuition Credit Amount S When Filing His Personal Income Tax Return (Gloria's Date … Highly recommended. Perhaps this is more a function of the complexity and wider frequency range of large orchestral music. This is a speaker for the two-way enthusiast who is willing to acquire the best of breed. Same result. Everyone who’s heard the speaker in my system loved it and marveled that such accuracy, lack of grain, and musical beauty came in such a small package. Weekly Digest of hottest items, coupons, offers and more. In a recording where the brass section plays loudly, for example or a singer really sings to the balcony, that projected sound extends into the listening room in an approximation of what happens in live music. Feuille de calcul pour la déclaration TD1-WS des crédits d'impôt personnels pour 2021 Remplissez cette feuille de calcul si vous voulez demander un montant partiel pour l'un des crédits suivants sur le formulaire TD1, Déclaration des crédits d'impôt personnels pour 2021. I will cover some of Meldgaard’s design goals for the TD1.2 and its technology later, but let me first address sonic performance, which is the whole point of this affair, after all. The cone is also updated from the previous one, using an ultra-thin layer of tantalum, before the diamond layer is added, which yields an even harder and stiffer membrane. It doesn’t match the speaker’s aesthetics or fit the cabinet bottom very well, so I look forward to seeing whatever new stand Raidho comes up with. And second, the TD1.2 is not at all hyped up or overly “hot” sounding, as is often the case with forward-sounding speakers. 7 sexies lett. Die Partie gilt vielfach als Laskers bedeutendste Kombinationspartie; er selbst hat sie als „die allerbeste seiner … In the bass, Raidho lists the –3dB level as 45Hz. Depth is also very good, with an interesting twist. Even with sight as part of their impression, they too were impressed by how dynamically powerful, open, and revealing the speaker sounded. In addition to what Alwyn advised: For more details about the 2021.1 release, please review this PDF document (see here for FR) for all details. 40 c. 3 e 4 e 41 c. 1 DL 331/93, prestazioni servizi di telecomunicazione, elettronici art. Bass response and agility improves, upper frequencies open up, driver integration and imaging get considerably better with sufficient break-in. Within its frequency range, the TD1.2 recreates musical details so accurately and so compellingly that it is breathtaking. Division Tracker will be back for Division 2, with all new, all upgraded site. He said the TD1.2 sounded very well balanced and detailed. The speaker just doesn’t extend low enough with enough amplitude to carry that off. Driver complement: One TD ribbon tweeter, one 6.5″ tantalum-diamond mid/woofer driver Frequency response: 45Hz–50kHz -3dBSensitivity: 87dB/2.828 V/mImpedance: 6 ohms, 5 ohms minimum (@120 Hz)Recommended amplifier power: >20 W Crossover point: 2.5kHz stepped slope, phase and impulse linearCabinet: Aluminum baffles (integral to tweeter and mid/bass drivers), curved wood sides, portedDimension: 7.8″ x 14.2″ x 16.1″ Finish: Black piano, all possible paint colors, walnut burl veneerWeight: 33 lbs. Get your body ready! ), I assume, though, that anyone considering a small stand-mounted speaker is already aware of the limitations of the product category and does not expect even close to full-range performance. The woofer utilizes our brand-new magnet system, which is not only one of the most powerful underhung designs today, but is also shaped in a way that ensures that no reflections of sound return to the cone. (Raidho’s Sales & Product Manager Ronni Petersen actually recommended the Stand4, which I happen to own.) Employment income during COVID-19 pay periods are now automatically calculated and reported on T4s. When I asked Meldgaard to tell me about his performance goals for the TD1.2, he offered the following: “I wanted to raise the sensitivity from 83dB found in the old D1.1 (using industry standard measurements). Listener Two did not want to guess what sort of driver technology was involved but averred, with some confidence, that the speakers were most likely not small stand-mounteds but more probably medium/small floorstanders. Detail without musical beauty is not the result here, as is sometimes the case with ultra-revealing speakers. Interestingly, Listener Three guessed that the speaker was a medium-sized two-way design, either a stand-mount or a smallish floorstander, with its drivers placed close to each other. Credit Card or PayPal adds 3% to the total. It is not a consistent characteristic across most recordings. I took the Raidhos over to a friend’s house who has two REL G1 subwoofers in his system. The old stand (a pre-Meldgaard effort) is a clever design in terms of aesthetics and diffraction mitigation, but it is very lightweight and unstable. I would say that is a bare minimum guideline, and those hours should be at normal listening levels, not low “nighttime” levels. Soundstage height is good for a speaker of this size. I borrowed an Audio Research VS115 (120W) from a friend to find out if a medium-powered tube amp would show any signs of distress. Just like the original D1, the TD1.2 sounds as if it is larger than its size might lead you to expect. Next Level HiFi is a premier retailer of the world's finest HiFi products. On that last observation about differences in respective soundstage presentations, Meldgaard is not engaging in unsubstantiated promotion of his baby. Adjust your employee records in Sage 50 Accounting to reflect the new tax credit amounts. Overall loudness level limits are higher than those of typical small speaker, but are still evident in the form of some hardness on hard transients when the speaker is pushed beyond its comfort zone. It sailed right on. The updates have usually been automatic and I expect this continues. I don’t associate this soundstage projection with “forwardness.” For one thing, it only happens when the recording has an element that projects to the front as it would in real life. Its grain-free, detailed-without-brightness quality is one of its endearing attributes, actually. I described its characteristics only to illustrate the sort of stand that yielded excellent results. He remarked how physically present the speakers made the music sound and how marvelously detailed and musically engaging they were. He also pointed to about the same location for the outer limits of the soundstage as Listener One did—well outside the enclosures of the speakers themselves. Voyez les conditions d’utilisation pour plus de détails, ainsi que les crédits graphiques. Two other audiophile friends also listened to the TD1.2 in my system, without blindfolds. The TD1.2 is, simply stated, the most revealing, musically compelling, and dynamically alive small stand-mounted speaker I have heard. contact us (The TD1.2 actually played a 30Hz tone, albeit softly, from a test record. Its winning combination of exceptional overall resolution, expansive soundstaging, and musical swing in the form of lightning-fast and robust dynamics is just wonderful. We operate by appointment and offer our clients the opportunity to experience systems not heard elsewhere. He could hear the “embouchure air,” for example, from the clarinet player during the LP playback of Gounod’s “Funeral March of a Marionette” [RCA]—the same recording that was playing when I asked each listener to point to the outer edge of the soundscape. 74 sexies DPR 633/72 TIPI DI RITENUTA PER FATTURA ELETTRONICA OBBLIGATORI DAL 01.01.2021 Download Sage 50—Canadian Edition 2021.1 Product Update. The end of the 5th day was accepted as the primary endpoint. Thank you to Timothy and Susan Millican for this generous contribution that will help provide remote learning opportunities for our students. Listener One very adroitly deduced that SpeakerX was a planar-magnetic type like a Magnepan, although not a full-height one, that it was maybe five feet tall, and that it was either being reinforced in the bass by a small subwoofer or was a hybrid panel/cone design. I have put off the subject of price—the thorniest subject in our business—to the end. The TD1.2 is definitely sub-ready, and adding subwoofers may be a good approach for those who would like increased lower bass extension, especially in rooms whose optimal speaker soundstaging location is not its optimal frequency-response location (and for those who do not want to mess with DSP room correction, of course). Extension in the Services of Festival Special Trains 26 January, 2021. Votre employeur ou payeur utilisera ce formulaire pour déterminer l'impôt à retenir. Read More » NEW YEARS EVE November 25, 2020 THIS SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED 2020 has been a crazy year, no doubt about it. Click on the product category below or use the filters at the left to find the Magnetrol products that will meet your flow control challenge. The stand for the older C1 and D1 is not a good sonic fit for the TD1.2 even though the C1/D1 stand physically matches the TD1.2 cabinet perfectly. Question: Gloria Black Was New Employee To ABC Business, She Is A Single Parent Living With Her 17-year-old Son---Mark, Who Studied Fulltime (four Months) This Year. It actually wobbles without much inducement, and I would not be surprised if a C1 or D1 has been knocked off this stand because of its instability. The path stems from a tunneled archway and lines the threshold between orchard and adjacent forest, where a clearing swells. Individual images within the larger soundscape are also very well fleshed out, as is the space around musicians. The Raidhos did a nice job of filling in the space between and around them with precisely placed instruments and voices in all three planes. I also tried a solid-state Hegel Röst integrated amp (75W). Sometimes, I suspect audiophiles—myself included—are unduly influenced by what we see in an audio system. Subsequently, the C1 went through several model revisions; then the similar looking, better performing, and more expensive D1—with a diamond-coated mid/woofer—took Raidho’s small speaker offerings to a whole new level. A marvel, indeed. Instrumental placement can vary from cut to cut on the same album—all readily heard through the TD1.2. Then, their treatments were started and PaO2/FiO2 ratios at the end of the 1st (TD1), 3rd (TD3) and 5th days (TD5) were also recorded. Magnetrol offers an extensive range of innovative flow controls for process industries. For new year payroll  is it automatic will update or i have to do setup. The cost of entry here is admittedly high ($24k), especially when one considers that many good, closer-to-full range floorstanders cost less, some considerably less. blog sobre arquitectura y arte contemporáneo | seguimiento diario de la actualidad española y mundial. 333 番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です (ワッチョイ 9dae-F/Tr) 2021/01/05(火) 13:47:57.01 ID:LanLGIjm0. We miss your laughter, your smiles, your hugs. That is what I think, but I wanted to know what others thought. None. From the midbass on up, the TD1.2 is realistically balanced. One with similar stability and non-resonant qualities will most likely also allow the TD1.2 to perform well. IN MEMORY OF “Jerry” Gant 4/19/69 - 2/3/12 You have been gone nine years from all of us now. As already mentioned, soundstaging is outstanding. The midrange is remarkably natural sounding, and the upper frequencies are extended, pristine, and revealing without sounding edgy or grainy. On the contrary, the TD1.2 is remarkably revealing without sounding forced or aggressive. Déclaration des crédits d'impôt personnels pour 2021. Extension of service of Festival Special Train 30 January, 2021. In its own right, I cannot fault the TD1.2 in any way. Many countries began to issue machine-readable travel documents in the 1980s. Third, the crossover is also a completely new design, which not only ensures correct phase response at the listening position, [but also] ensures that both drivers are in phase at all frequencies and that the impulse response of both drivers is aligned. A machine-readable passport (MRP) is a machine-readable travel document (MRTD) with the data on the identity page encoded in optical character recognition format. (There could also be problems with the partnering system, of course.). Happily, the answer to the subwoofer question is, yes, the TD1.2 integrated sonically very well with the RELs with very little fuss and adjustment required. The resolution TD1.2 offers only enhances the immediacy of the music rather than seemingly laying bare every last detail as an exercise in “accuracy” for its own sake. 在使用锁时应避免发生死锁(Deadlock)。前面的代码倘若一个线程在执行第10行的int_set.insert时抛出了异常,会导致第11行的unlock不被执行,从而可能导致另一个线程永远的阻塞在第9行的lock操作。 Wide, wide, wide…as my guest listeners affirmed. I am used to a speaker with a much taller driver array (the YG Sonja 2.2), so I have to be fair here. Having said this, there is no question that the TD1.2 sounds more commanding with the Full Monty treatment of my current reference electronics (Constellation Virgo III linestage and Gamut M250i mono amplifiers). It could be argued the VS115 is on the more powerful side of medium-powered for a tube amp, and the Röst is not your average 75W box, but I think Meldgaard’s claims of easing amplifier load are legitimate. Speaking of speaker/listener height, I hope Raidho is developing a new dedicated stand. The TD1.2’s kind of neutral is pleasant, not the hair-shirt variety some speaker designers smugly insist really is neutral, but often sounds slightly bright and brittle—and not much like live acoustic music, actually. Contact the CPA . The other memory is that on the live concert material the Raidho’s did seem to recreate the experience of being in the ‘live’ venue.”. It was just a way to get three impressions of the sound based on sonic qualities alone—not in direct comparison to anything else. 使用RAII管理互斥对象. Tickets are on sale now at the link below. I also happen to be familiar with the earlier versions of those models as well as other pre- and current Meldgaard designs, and I can verify that he has improved them across the board. Its only limitations are related to its size, which really aren’t design or execution limitations, but simply part and parcel of the performance envelope of a mini-monitor. barcelona . I am not the only one who thinks the TD1.2 plays a lot “bigger” than it looks. When I asked him to point to the lateral extent of the soundstage, he pointed about three feet beyond the outer edge of each speaker, which is beyond the sidewalls of my listening room. Lisez la page 2 de ce formulaire avant de le remplir. Smaller stand-mounted speakers fit better with some music lovers’ circumstances—small listening spaces, shared living areas, multi-unit dwellings with neighbors on the other sides of walls, etc. As sound sources, “they completely disappeared,” as many audio folk like to say. I can verify that clearly discernible differences among the soundstages of different recordings are indeed clearly audible through the TD1.2. Magnetrol offers an extensive range of innovative level, flow and volume controls for process industries. Hi Parminder Singh, thanks for reaching out. Rep the community and hobby you love so much. P5200-501.6SF - ProRail Round 2" 1.6mm End / Corner/ Int Post (Flat Sections) S/F 316G Stainless (EXCLUDES DRILLING) P5600-501.6MP - ProRail Square 2" 1.6mm End Post to suit Flat Hanrail Mirror Polish 316G Stainless Pillsbury – Lasker, Sankt Petersburg 1896 ist eine Schachpartie, die zwischen Harry Nelson Pillsbury und dem damaligen Schachweltmeister Emanuel Lasker am 4. Tel. If you're craving edging XXX movies you'll find … These kinky guys love bondage, pain, chastity, extreme play, and more at xHamster. Interestingly, the TD1.2 provided enough satisfying low-end foundation with a wider range of pop and blues recordings than it did with typical Romantic era orchestral music. Celebration of Republic Day - 2021 over Konkan Railway 26 January, 2021. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 15 janvier 2021 à 19:31. The Canadian Payroll Association 250 Bloor Street East, Suite 1600 Toronto, ON M4W 1E6. The old stand, in my opinion, is a bit too tall (30″) for most listening positions and doesn’t provide a solid enough foundation for the TD1.2 to perform its best. No hay problemas para comer, los restaurantes están … The TD1.2 is a wonder in many ways, but a mini-monitor with 6.5″ mid/woofer—even if it is a honey of a high-tech tantalum-diamond one, mounted in a solid, well-damped, heavily braced ported cabinet—can still only extend so far in the bass with authority. Pornhub is home to the widest selection of free Muscle sex videos full of the hottest pornstars. Januar 1896 in der zehnten Runde des Turniers zu Sankt Petersburg 1895/96 gespielt wurde. As such, the TD1.2’s overall presentation is without peer, in my experience. A seventh building takes the form of a wall that reveals an elongated threshold, guiding guests along the path to their quarters. One Happy ListenerResolution of fine detail is the main strength of this speaker. all invoke expectations based on past impressions and opinions. Las ganas de ver algo distinto, de sumergirse en la naturaleza o, simplemente, de dar una vuelta y olvidar del estrés de las ciudades, hacen que los pueblos de la Sierra de Madrid Click the link in the Sage Knowledgebase to install this update: Participate in the Sage 50 Accounting - Canadian Edition conversation on Sage City! Scacco matto (frequentemente abbreviato in matto) è una situazione del gioco degli scacchi (e di altri giochi da tavolo derivati dal chaturanga) nel quale il re di uno dei giocatori è posto sotto diretto attacco e non ha modo di ripararsi con altri pezzi o muovere in una casella libera dalla minaccia di cattura immediata.. Dare scacco matto è l'obiettivo primario del gioco degli … Subtle dynamic shadings, shifts in phrasing and in rhythmic emphasis, rubato, etc. Two Live SubsIs the TD1.2 close enough to neutral in the lower octaves to integrate well with subwoofers? ü´g`Ø4¨f Ù‚QFyJ ™ f éŒ ¢!ñ P& P &W ÝœdB‘•BÆ, † Ê7…‹0$±j)RòdJ¢º¤6aÚFÜf½cÍZç 8ÿýãÞ•ÿÞ¿pfs Q‡f¸´ F&ü.] The effect allows for a greater sense of immediacy and listener involvement than a more “contained-box” soundstage does. Find out more about the Magnetrol products that will meet your level, flow or interface control challenge. This particular pair was discovered in our store, during end of year inventory, from whe... Wharfedale Diamond 225 Bookshelf Speakers; Rosewood Pai... Meridian DSP3100 Digital Powered Bookshelf Speakers; DS... Dragonfire Acoustics Mini Dragon System 2.1, Mesanovic RTM10 - 3-Way Active DSP Monitor (Pair). Explore the naughty pleasures of gay BDSM porn in our free videos. 永井豪風の絵で未開の惑星に珍獣狩りツアーに行ったら、 eachPrice: $24,000 (without stands), RAIDHO ACOUSTICS/DANTAX RADIO A/SBransagervej 159490 Pandrup, Denmark+45 98 24 76 77 raidho.dk. Feel free to contact us at the following for questions, appointment requests, and or orders:     o: 630-797-5117. Raidho’s parent company (Dantax Radio S/A of Denmark) brought Meldgaard into its group of companies (Raidho, Scansonic, Gamut, and Harmony) by acquiring Gamut Audio, where Meldgaard is chief designer of both speakers and electronics. The Dyanuadio has substantial steel/hard-rubber/steel top and bottom plates with two large-diameter, fillable pillars, so it is sturdy, heavy, and well damped. I wanted overall performance to become more natural and organic sounding. I told them it was SpeakerX from a new company and that I wanted to get their impression of the speaker’s sound without being influenced by its appearance. Illinois Residents add 7% to the total. Of course, with transparency galore, you would do well to assemble the best possible associated gear and cabling to take full advantage of the TD1.2’s capabilities. (I attend more orchestral concerts—at least 17 per year—than any other type of live music, so orchestral music is my most relevant reference.). Payroll updates for January 1, 2021; Employment income during COVID-19 pay periods are now automatically calculated and reported on T4s. isa*01*0000000000*01*0000000000*zz*abcdefghijklmno*zz*123456789012345*101127*1719*u*00400*000003438*0*p*> gs*sh*4405197800*999999999*20111206*1045*49*x*004060 st*856*0008 bsn*14*829716*20111206*142428*0002 hl*1**s td1*pcs*2****a3*60.310*lb td5**2*xxxx**xxxx ref*bm*999999-001 ref*cn*5787970539 dtm*011*20111206 n1*sh*1 edi source n3*31875 … Another “user experience” factor folks should be aware of is the break-in time required to allow the TD1.2 to perform at its best. The TD1.2’s tonal balance is pretty darn close to neutral—within its range—but, as usual, can vary somewhat with changes in speaker placement. (v) In addition to Table 185(f)(i, ii, and iii), as applicable, the maximum building height for AM, AM1, AM4 and AM5 zones, on the following street segments: (By-law 2015-45) (By-law 2020-299) 25.0 metres, or as shown on the zoning map (By-law 2020-299) Street Segments: i) Baseline Road from St. Helen’s Place to Merivale Road